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             Come Stay With Us At Gina's Aitutaki Lagoon Paradise - Deep In the Heart of the Blue Lagoon at Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, South Pacific


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For a number of years I have been welcoming visitors to Aitutaki who have stayed with us at our vacation accommodation on the main island of Aitutaki and the motu ( islet) of Akaiami.I offer  Aitutaki Cook Islands,budget, self contained, family holiday accommodation.

Akaiami Island, hidden deep in the heart of mysterious and beautiful Aitutaki lagoon, reaches out her arms over the vastness of the Pacific Ocean , calling you to come and rest your weary spirit here with us awhile.

Come away to the tranquil land of amethyst and emerald lagoon,the island of roseate dawns and wide open

skies,  to watch and wonder and marvel. Bring with you the most precious luggage that you possess - the

longing to experience such natural beauty carried within your heart.



Our deserted sandy white beaches, awash with the tide and the sparkle of the sea, await your lonely

footprints, whilst the ocean herself, mother of all things and mistress of the tides, beckons you to fulfil

yourself within her mysterious green depths.



Mornings at Gina's Akaiami Beach Lodge begin with the fading of the Eastern stars, whilst the gentle ocean

breeze rustles the curtains of your Lodge, bidding you to arise from the comfort of your bed and feel the

golden morning sun caress your back.




Your days will be filled with the wonder and enchantment that is Akaiami Island  – and the beauty that is

Aitutaki lagoon. The hours will slip by with enchanted grace, and twilight's pale coolness will soon caress your cheek.



 The evening stars will glimmer in the Eastern sky and the birds will seek their homes as

night begins to don her velvet cloak. Your evening at Akaiami beach will be filled with sublime peace and

beauty, the gentle lapping of waves in Akaiami bay.




Gina's Akaiami Beach Lodge on Akaiami Island is situated five miles across the lagoon from the mainland.

Akaiami is a coral island set on the outer reef of Aitutaki lagoon. It boasts both a sweeping sandy lagoon

beach, and a more rugged, coral ocean beach with a reef moat. Akaiami is a wonderful snorkelling


This unique property features three studio type rooms, with separate cooking and shower facilities.


The bedrooms each have one double bed and one single bed, and are screened against insects. Each bed has a mosquito net.




The new kitchen and dining room are spacious, and furnished with a gas cooker, electric frying pan, toaster,and hot water jug, plus cooking and eating utensils.

Electricity is not on all the time , but is supplied in the mornings to cook breakfast, and in the evenings to prepare dinner and for some part of the evening.

Each room is supplied with a torch and spare batteries. Guests have a screened colonial style verandah to relax on, and enjoy the view through the palm trees to the golden sand beach, and the sparkling blue lagoon beyond. The stuff of romance and legend. - the true South Seas in all it's beauty.

You will be very comfortable, right in the heart of an area of unsurpassed natural beauty - all at a very reasonable price.
We are family friendly and welcome children of all ages.

The Rates for Gina's Akaiami Beach Lodge are as follows:

In New Zealand Dollars effective to March 31, 2021


NZ$315 Double

NZ$210 Single
Extra Adult: $NZ80 / night
Children 12-15 Years: $NZ65 / night
Children 8-11 Years: $NZ25 / night
Children Under 8 years: Free

Check-In and Check Out Times: Because of our comparitive isolation, and because of varying flight times, we adopt a relaxed attitude , and do not intend at this time to charge extra tariffs to guests where they would be applicable. We hope that this policy will help earn us a reputation for being generous and hospitable.

The rates for Gina’s Beach Lodge at Akaiami include boat transfers across the lagoon

You will take all your food  supplies with you when you travel to Akaiami. There are no restaurants or cafes on Akaiami Island. Akaiami Beach Lodge is totally self catering.We supply bath towels, hand towels, washcloths,sheets, pillows and dish towels. You can if you wish bring larger beach towels if you need these.
All three bedrooms at Akaiami Beach Lodge are screened, as is the kitchen and dining room. The  beds at Akaiami Beach lodge also have mosquito nets.
Wherever you go in the Cook islands, there will be some mosquitoes. We tell our guests to bring a good brand of repellant with them.
There is a large tank of fresh water at Akaiami - fed with rainwater off the roof. This is pure and good to drink and does not require boiling. You can if you wish purchase bottled water on the main island and take it out there with you for drinking.
The shops on Aitutaki have a good range of foodstuffs on sale, and pretty much all you need is available here.
You will get some good snorkelling on the outer reef moat and around the side of the island There is good snorkelling around Akaiami and you can access this without using a boat. We have two kayaks ( one double and one single) which are free for guest use and which will enable you to explore nearby islands along the reef..
Akaiami has a beautiful swimming beach which is totally safe and is ideal for children.

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